Spa Treatments

A Variety of Facials

Health spas offer a variety of special treatments for the skin on the face. This skin is treated differently because the pores are smaller. Facial skin also has a variety of textures and the amount of skin oil varies over its surface. The muscles underneath the face are small but used often. This is yet another reason to treat the face separately from the rest of the body. Many facials work on specific issues a person has with their facial skin and muscles.

Heat is one of the most popular tools used in facials. The pores are being opened to detoxify the skin. This treatment is generally followed by a cleansing treatment when the pores have opened fully. Once cleansing has taken place, a good many facial treatments offer facial massage as part of the package. This helps relax the muscles. Unlike the body, facial muscles are quite small and a large number are concentrated in different areas around the face.