Spa Treatments

A Healthy Massage

There are a number of massage styles in use today. Many are specifically for medical treatment and not used at health spas. These are performed by a licensed physical therapist to treat specific body conditions. While they are often restricted to people with health concerns, there are still a number of massages popular and available at health spas. Learning more about massage is important for people that want to get the most out spending time at a spa.

One of the more popular massages is Swedish massage. This involves applying warmed aromatic oils to the body. Once the oil has been rubbed in, gentle massage pressure is applied to muscles in long strokes. This sets a person up to relax for the next step. Kneading the muscles is an integral part of this type of massage. It helps find knots of muscle tension deep down near the bones. While a chopping motion with the sides of the hand was previously used, this has been discontinued by many masseuses because it is not relaxing.

Hot stone massage is gaining in popularity. The masseuse heats a group of smooth flat stones and then applies them to the body with aromatic oils. While these are very hot, the body tenses and then relaxes once they are moved. Oil is used to help the stones run smoothly over the skin. Many people have found this type of massage to be very relaxing and easy to endure.

Traditional Thai massage is now becoming more popular at health spas. It is an invigorating deep tissue massage where the masseuse positions the person in different yoga poses. Pulling on joints and moving the body is part of the method used to invigorate the person. Deep breathing is part of the massage as the body is manipulated. Massaging pressure points is an important part of this ancient Thai massage method. It helps to increase energy and blood flow when done correctly.