Spa Treatments

A World of Wraps

Going to a spa is a treat for many, but some people are not quite ready to take advantage of all their local spa may have to offer. One of the best ways to be pampered while being refreshed is to have a body wrap. There are many different types, and each one has its own purpose. Some people want to be soothed while others would prefer to be energized, and still more people might look forward to exfoliation while toxins are drained from their skin. There is a world of wraps available through spas, and trying one should be done on the next visit.

Herbal wraps are fairly popular, and they come with a variety of different herbs to make the body feel better. Herbs can be applied to only a few areas of the body to act as a mask, or the entire body can be wrapped. Some ingredients are for exfoliation, and herbal oils are added to hydrate help soothe the skin. Minty herbs like eucalyptus can also be present to aid in relieving soreness in muscles.

Honey is an ingredient with amazing properties, and spa wraps that use it can work wonders. This one ingredient has antioxidant properties naturally, and it also is an antibacterial ingredient. That helps it draw toxins from the skin, and it can also hydrate and soothe the body all over. For those suffering from acne, a honey wrap can be used to help ameliorate that annoying condition.

The sea is a natural place to turn for healing ingredients, and a seaweed wrap might be just the ticket for a tired and overwhelmed body. Every spa might have its own special mix of ingredients, but this wrap should at least draw toxins out of the skin while adding hydration. Some formulas are created to firm the skin, and others balance toward adding vitamins and vital amino acids.